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Guillermo Leon is not only a designer, is also a fashion creator with an overwhelming imagination.

When an idea cross his mind, he drives it to the defiant limit of creativity.

He is an eternal arts lover, scenic arts, music and literature, but he choose fashion as the land in where his talent will be developed.

He began his career, long before this professional studies in costume design. Since that moment, a theatrical essence is always present in all his designs; in his own words: "Guillermo Leon designs to the people who wants to be ready for the life scene". He made his Fashion studies at Jannette Klein University. He also made studies in Art History at "instituto Tecnologio Autonomo de Mexico" (I.T.A.M.) to make his professional preparation better. Actually he is making a post-graduate program in Design Studies at CENTRO University. All this studies make him one of the most complete designer in Mexico, not only for his skills in dressmaking but also because he study all the historical secrets behind them. His academic formation and a special love for lecture and investigation make him one of the few theoretical and historical analyst in fashion at Mexico, that is why many of the most important Universities at the country have him in their tteaching staff.

He began his career as Roberto Villareal's assistant, then he worked with Mariana Luna, both of them important designer in Mexico. He worked also as fashion stylist at Reforma newspaper.

From his first collection presented at Poliforum Siqueiros in 1998, press and media talked about his quality, and the perfect cut and construction of his designs.

His style is every time more personal, and is his sign the influence of the drama from the begin of XX th century clothes, and the reinterpretation of patterns and tailor techniques from different eras of fashion, and a deep investigation about shape and volume.

His sources of inspiration are diverse, from James Bidgood's work to Gustav Kilimt, ore ven Garcia Lorca texts.

In 2006 was invited by the Design School of Bellas Artes (EDINBA) to present in their gallery "Codice" a museum exhibition called "GUILLERMO LEON 10 YEARS OF FASHION", presenting 45 of his archive's pieces, including draws, patterns, hats and publications. This moment was so transcendent in his trajectory.

Now, in 2012, with fifteen years in fashion, Guillermo Leon is a figure in Mexico's fashion scen.

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