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In 1997 Maison Guillermo Leon started offering designs that take the best of historic pattermaking with the craftsman work of high fashion. Since then, his many clients have been amazed with various collections with references from fashion history and perfect cut clothes that make the difference and offer a personal fit and exclusivity.

Since 1998 Guillermo Leon had present his collection in many different venues. The very first time in a fashion show produced by himself for the press and media at Poliforum Siqueiros in Mexico City, then at Fashion Week Mexico from 2011 to 2008, Vancouver Fashion Week in 2001, Costa Rica Fashion Week in 2007, Dubrovnik Fashion Week in 2009 and 2010, and his recent show in Madrid at Teatro Kapital in 2011, just to mention few.

Guillermo Leon is also linked with important names in fashion and clothing industry, in all over the world. For example: his alliance with Gerber Technology, or the different projects developed by request from Celanese, Corduroy, Fashion Group International, Kaltex, LYCRA (R) , Necal and Palacio de Hierro.

Recently Guillermo Leon started a new venture in shoe design, working with the Chamber of Shoe Makers in Guanajuato and PROSPECTA.

Many Mexican celebrities are his clients and love his designs. Just to mention a few names: Guadalupe Pineda, Natalia Esperón, Jacqueline Voltaire (+), Alexandra de la Mora, Tania Arredondo, Jimena Guerra, Aranza, Daniela Schmidt y Claudia Lizaldi.


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